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Nursery School


Welcome to our Nursery

Our experienced Nursery teachers have created a safe, stimulating atmosphere in which our boys and girls are happy to grow, develop and learn.

Welcome to Kingdom-Based International Private School. Our practitioners are passionate in their role of working with children and provide the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance the child’s play learning and development. We provide a safe and welcoming environment where the wellbeing of every child is our utmost concern. Each child is valued and treated individually to enable them to socialise, form and develop good relationships. There are opportunities for the children to explore and experiment in all aspects of their learning. Throughout their time at nursery it is extremely rewarding to see how the children develop into happy and confident little learners in preparation for their school life. We would love you to visit our lovely homely environment to see how settled and happy the children are.

Nursery in Kingdom

Every child at our Nursery receives a wonderful start in life in a warm, safe, homely rooms and you will find happy, secure children, playing, exploring, experimenting, socialising, discovering, learning and, above all, smiling. We pay close attention to each individual child by our experienced, well trained teachers. You will see how we encourage and nurture their personal interests, how we set them specific goals, and how those goals are so closely monitored that they can be updated by the hour. And you will also see specialist teachers coming in from later stages of the school to introduce the boys and girls to subjects such as PE, ICT, music, drama and language such as French.

Our safe, happy environment, our engagement with each boy and girl as an individual, and the expertise of our practitioners make for a powerful combination – designed to give your child the best possible start in life. We love showing new families around our Nursery.

Nursery Curriculum

Each of our Nursery children benefits from a blend of free play and structured learning sessions, carefully designed to suit their individual needs.

We focus on Early Years Foundation stage seven areas of learning in our Nursery: communication and language; physical development; social and emotional development; literacy; mathematics; understanding the world; and expressive arts and design.

Every child, for example, enjoys a daily session in Maths and in our ‘Read. They participate in ‘circle time’, where they learn to talk, listen and share ideas as a group. And they can choose from a wonderful range of different activities – role-playing in the home corner, reading in the book corner, and engaging in all sorts of arts and crafts play.

We also have specialist teachers to lead the children in subjects such as Music, ICT, PE and French. Our PE Teacher, for example, might use our school games apparatus to help the boys and girls extend their skills in running, jumping, climbing and balancing, while our ICT teacher might help the children experiment with the brand new Nursery iPads and other ICT gadgets

Sometimes we give the children fresh opportunities by taking them outside the Nursery, perhaps for a nature walk or a visit to a local shop. Other times we invite visitors to come in – perhaps a dentist, a hairdresser or even a child’s new baby sister.

Whatever we do, we map it closely against the seven areas of learning, monitoring each child’s individual progress and setting next steps that we share with you as parents. That way we can nurture each child’s strengths and interests at just the right pace to promote their self-esteem and confidence. It’s an individualised approach that continues into Reception and then into Key Stage 1 and beyond.

Nursery Staff

Our highly trained staff have created a Nursery where all of our boys and girls are made to feel special and encouraged to develop a love of learning.

Your son or daughter is unique and our team of highly qualified and experienced Nursery teachers look forward to providing them with opportunities specifically tailored to enhance their development and love of learning. Once your child has started Nursery, he or she will be assigned to a Key Person, who will be responsible for their learning and well-being. But the most important role of a Key Person is to build a strong relationship with both you and your child. That way we can ensure that your child is happy in their learning environment and that they develop the social, emotional and physical skills needed for everyday life and for their later years in school.

The more you can tell us about your child – their latest successes and interests, their recent worries or issues – the more closely we can shape our activities to meet their needs. You are therefore welcome to talk to your Key Person, to me or to any member of our staff at any time – either in person, by email or over the phone. We’ll always be pleased to hear from you.

An Outstanding Start to School Life

Within our warm and welcoming environment every child is treated as a unique individual and encouraged to enjoy their learning through play based activities combined with formal learning, Our approach to teaching leads to happy, confident children and academic excellence with 86% of our pupils achieving a good level of development by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We provide:
• Individual learning programmes for every child to suit their personal development.
• Specialist teaching, developing confidence in PE, ICT, Music and Modern Foreign Language and enriching your child’s pre-school experience
• Outstanding pastoral care – a caring and supportive environment where every child can flourish
• Structured School Transition Programme to prepare our children for the next stage of their learning journey
• Wrap around care available from 7.15am until 6pm
• An exciting and fun holiday provision that includes trips and visits to the local community
• Regular reporting of your child’s progress and activity and development through the school website and Interactive Learning Diary
• Regular parental engagement activities to involve you in your child’s education – e.g. Arts and Crafts day, Sports Day, Nursery Production
• Kingdom-Based School has an all-year-round Nursery, which offers exceptional care 51 weeks of the year (we are closed between Christmas and New Year). Depending on what suits you and your family, we can look after your child during term-time only or in the school holidays too. And we also offer wraparound care so that your child can be with us before the school day begins and after it ends.