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Message from the ICT Administrator

principal A strong ICT (information and communications technology) strategy is pivotal to competitive survival for today’s businesses. It has become a pervasive part of our working and living environments, and will continue to be an integral resource for business, government and society at large.

In Kingdom-Based School, the emphasis is on getting students familiar with technology. Students following the KBIPS ICT scheme of work will learn to use ICT equipments, and use software for isolated tasks. Students will be taught how to use various programs for a particular task and given opportunities to do so and ensure progression over time. KBIPS ICT Education is a good starting point for your child, students will need to build on it, or buy in supplementary materials.

Another key factor is pupils' access to the technology. KBIPS is working towards having an ICT suite where we can teach the whole class at once how to do things, so that pupils can practise their skills in a subject context.

Mr Olorunleke Isreal
ICT Administrator