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Welcome to our High School

Our boys and girls thrive in a culture that combines tradition with forward-thinking to encourage each individual child to learn, develop and succeed.

High School in Kingdom

The children in our Senior School benefit from an education that is both traditional and forward-thinking. We are traditional in the sense that we teach a broad curriculum, set high standards and expect our pupils to conduct themselves with good manners, discipline and a community spirit. We are forward-thinking in the sense that we have small classes taught by subject-specialists, provide a wide-ranging enrichment programme, and treat every pupil as an individual.

That final point is key. We get to know our pupils extremely well, identifying and nurturing their personal talents, setting specific targets and helping them to meet and exceed them. It’s an approach that works, with our boys and girls achieving strong WAEC/GCSE results year after year. Of course, none of this success could be achieved if we didn’t look after the wider needs of our children. As a parent myself, I understand the value of studying in a happy atmosphere, where hard work is encouraged, people look out for you, and you have an outlet for all your talents – sporting, artistic, musical and social.

That’s why we place so much emphasis on our pastoral care. Every day I see how strong the relationship is between the pupils and their dedicated form tutors. I take great pride in the culture of openness and communication that allows our teachers, pupils and parents to work together to achieve success. It all makes for a school with a strong sense of community – a safe place where our pupils feel that they belong, and where they have the confidence to explore their potential and shape their own – extremely bright – futures. Our Senior School pupils consistently achieve outstanding academic results and cultivate a lifelong desire to learn and achieve.

Why Choose Our Senior School?

• Small class sizes that ensures that every teacher knows every pupil and believes in them
• Individualised learning programmes to ensure every child makes exceptional progress
• Consistently strong results at WAEC/GCSE Level with all pupils showing good levels of progress
• Excellent pastoral care – where every teacher knows every pupil and genuinely wants them to succeed.
• A comprehensive enrichment programme and a fantastic selection of clubs and activities to help build confidence and character
• An extensive trips and visits programme to support the school curriculum
• PSHE programmes to inspire leadership and social responsibility.
• Regular parent activities and on line virtual learning environments to involve you in your child’s education

Senior School Curriculum

The curriculum in the Senior School is designed to inform and inspire our pupils so that they can set their own ambitions and build towards them.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), we introduce every pupil to a broad, well-balanced range of subjects. In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, pupils are taught Art, Geography, History, Religious Studies, ICT, French, Music, Physical Education, Design Technology and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education). In Year 9 we consult with our pupils and their parents to help them choose their GCSE subjects. We offer considerable flexibility of choice and plenty of advice on how best to match subjects to the abilities and aspirations of each individual. That way we can make sure that pupils keep the right doors open so that they can continue to pursue their ambitions.

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), all our pupils follow a core curriculum of English, English Literature, Mathematics (some additionally study Further Mathematics), Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry being taught separately by specialist teachers) and PSHE (covered not just within lessons, but through assemblies and form tutor periods). Pupils also pursue their chosen subjects from: Humanities (Geography, History, and Religious Studies); Modern Foreign Languages (French); Art, Graphic Design, Computer Science and Physical Education. Then, by the end of Year 11, they are ready to achieve excellent examination results – thanks to the attention given to each individual by our talented teachers.

Throughout the Senior School we also pay attention to the wider needs of our pupils. We promote fundamental values, and we offer them opportunities to develop skills and interests in drama, music, sport and extracurricular activities. We also encourage qualities such as communication, teamwork, self-discipline and independence so that our pupils can build on the benefits of their education and enjoy a happy, productive life beyond school.

Senior School Staff

Our teachers work hard to establish strong relationships with every pupil so that they can help them succeed at school, in exams and in later life.